Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Blogs in general.

So I decided to write about this blog:

http://jennskistudio.blogspot.com/ by a graphic designer/ artist

It seems like she's promoting websites, products and designers she likes whilst mixing in a bit of her own life and what she's all about. I think there's almost always a personal opinion included in what people post, after all, you only blog on something that interests you, whether it's like or dislike.
There seems to be quite a heavy use of images which are always good as a visual stimulator to help keep things interesting and get your point across.
She writes every few days, so enough for dedication but not on the obsessive side.

Personally I find it quite easy to write a blog. There's not too much pressure, you can take your time and sure, I know other people are going to read this but it doesn't bother me too much because I can't see them reading it, I can't hear them saying "what the hell is she on about?" so I pretty much feel at ease.
However, I've always been completely average at writing, trying to use words that just aren't a part of my normal vocabulary seems alien. Now I can just write to my hearts content about something I am actually interested in and not some poem about a psycho hitchhiker or something, thank you very much gcse english.