Sunday, 2 November 2008

Game City 3

It wasn't a pretty sight, let me tell you. Zombie isn't a good look for me so I just turned into a pirate later on. Anyhoo, Game City was pretty good, I am now part of the world record of largest zombie gathering ever :) probably the coldest day ever aswell, I almost joined in the cheesy thriller dance just to keep warm!

Earlier in the day I went to the curry session and heard a talk about film/game classification by the BBFC and what affects their decisions. We had the greatly welcomed curry and then he showed us the naughty scene from 'mass effect' and suffice to say we all just laughed because it was so cheesy.

We briefly checked out the Indie arcade, got stuck on all the games and left. It took us long enough to find though, I don't know if it was just me or the map was a bit awful.

Anyway after the whole freezing zombie world record thing, I changed into my pirate outfit and headed down to the halloween party which was, I have to say, a really good night ^_^

Starting with a free-for-all rock band battle in which the guys from Harmonix did indeed epic fail, this led on to performances by Paul & Storm and then Jonathan Coulton.All three of these guys are "bad-shit awesome" as Paul so elegantly put it. They're definately worth checking out. Then we all sang along to 'Still alive' after some hilarious songs and banter. Worth every penny, I'd say.