Sunday, 9 November 2008

My own gaming history

>Insert<> I am SO sorry this turned into probably the biggest essay I have ever written in my life, but who doesn't like talking about themselves? So get reading.
OK, let's get this straight. I've not been gaming since I was born, like everyone else. I've only really got into gaming since the xbox360. As much as I hate to admit it, it was my male friends that introduced me to the world of gaming, making me as lazy and blissfully ignorant as themselves.

To be honest, it's been quite hard trying to remember the games I've been into. I think it started with the gameboy, no colour, and super marioland. Then pokemon yellow. I think they were the only two games I bought for it and I didn't finish either. Hmm. That's the thing with me, if I get stuck or die so many times, I just give up. You might call it a defeatist attitude, I call it common sense. I'm not gonna waste any more of my time listening to pikachu chat gibberish if I'm just not quite good enough yet.

Anyway, after my failure on a handheld, I had a go with the first Playstation. Lol, what the hell? I was just looking up playstation 1 games and found one called Bastard!! Only in Japan. Crazy mofos'. Anyway I cannot, for the life of me remember which were ps1 games and which were ps2 so I'll just mix it up. The only reason I gamed back then was because it was my brother that bought the console and games so I didn't have to, haha, I was a leech, basically.
So, I wasn't really big on shooters. I got scared and hid, which wasn't really helpful. I was more into racing games like Need for Speed and Burnout, and puzzly adventure games like Crash bandicoot and Kuri Kuri Mix (wicked fun / immensely frustrating game).
Then my brother got me playing Medal of Honour with him and I actually liked it despite it being war-related. (Not a fan of war themed games, they're just and all too similar).

During high school, a friend lent me his xbox and Halo 2, I asked "what's this?" to which a resonating world-wide reply from most of the male population said incredulously, "WTF, you don't know what halo is?!". "STFU!", I countered, "I live in a cave".

Still not having completed an entire game, I was introduced to Fable, Soul Calibur, Alien Hominid and a few others but by this time, Microsoft had announced the Xbox360 and I was looking forward to buying a console of my very own, even though none of the new games interested me too much to be honest.

Nowadays, I only stick to a couple of genres, though I suppose I should be broadening my interests. My absolute favourite game ever is Oblivion IV on the easiest setting but, y'know, it isn't about being able to say "look, I'm so uber l337, I played it on the highest difficulty", for me, it's just having an enjoyable, immersive experience, hell, even the over-sized rats leaping around like bambi made me jump sometimes.

Suprising to myself, the majority of my games collection are shooters. Ok, the main cause of that is probably peer pressure but still. You know what, I'm just gonna list them, then talk after. Halo 3, GTA IV, The orange box, Viva Pinata, Rayman raving rabbids (don't ask), Mass effect, Beautiful katamari, Lost Odyssey, Oblivion IV, Gears of war, Gears of war 2, The Darkness, Assassins Creed.

Not an enourmous list, I know, but I'm quite picky. Well, Gears 2 was the most recent, It's just a shooter on steroids, really, and I bought it mainly for the online multiplayer, because, quite frankly I was crap at the campaign on the last one, but am quite enjoying it this time round.

A couple of weeks ago I bought The Orange Box and am annoyed at myself for not picking it up earlier. Portal is fantastic, and after my first extremely confusing and disorientating attempt, I got the the hang of being able to try and play tag with myself and thoroughly enjoyed it. The sarcastic humour and story element is what made it great, not just another puzzle game.
Half-life 2 is also amazing (I havn't played the first one though). You just get dropped straight into the action with barely time to rest, you're always on the run, I think they balanced it just right, it's like a book you don't want to stop reading even though it's 3am.

Mass effect. I was skeptical about this one, It just looked really tacky but I must've played it through four times now. When I'm feeling quite emotional, which is most of the time, the ending really gets me. I got really attatched to my character and I, admittedly, may have almost shed a tear when I thought she had died. Yeah yeah, call me sad, but I'd rather be overly attatched than have no emotional involvement what-so-ever.

GTAIV was pure peer pressure for the free roam. The Darkness and Assassins creed just looked different and interesting in their own ways.
The Darkness scared the crap out of me whereas Assassins Creed was really fun to play (and Altair was phit, always a bonus).
Beautiful Katamari was just a quirky time killer and Lost odyssey was good but I still hate those bloody random battles, the sound makes me jump eeevery time. Some of the story was heart-wrenchingly sad but I still only felt like an on-looker, not really involved, just a tool being used to get to the next story part.
So that's it for the xbox360.

My family also shares a wii but I have no incentive to play it because no one wants to spend money on games for it. I want to buy LittleBigPlanet for my brothers ps3 but again there's no incentive, just that it looks cute. I think it'd feel weird not working for achievements aswell, they're like an addiction.

I've mentioned before that I have a DS and that I'd rather buy an xbox game than a DS one but nevermind, it's good when you find a good game to play on it like Legend of Zelda. It's kind of an expensive novelty but a step forward for handheld gaming and touchscreen technology at the same time. Why do I game then. Well, I would say it's 30% to socialize and 70% escapism. I don't really need to explain, it's as simple as that.
Games have gone from having no importance to me at all, to being my whole life.

In the future? I would like to have more or all senses involved in gaming - I don't know how, you didn't ask me that so *sticks out tongue*, maybe something like a smell ommitter, ha. I think they're developing those things which you wear over your eyes, I think they're a good idea because you're blocking out more of reality so you don't get distracted by things around you, you're completely involved - until your mum shouts you for dinner. But what about people who wear glasses & not contacts, hmmmm? Erm what else, maybe something more active like Nintendo's trying to do but incorporate it into FPS games maybe. I don't know, I just keep thinking of things that have already been done, so I might get back to you on that. Wouldn't it be cool though, if they replicated the most popular game maps for paintballing? Obviously they'd have to be realistic, like the ones in Gears and such games. Have they done that yet? Probably. Meh.