Saturday, 22 November 2008

(trouble)shoot me

Problem: I can't connect to the internet
Answer: Here, use this help website
...Why, I do believe that's the most idiotic answer in the history of crap troubleshooters.

I've been without the internet for about a week at home and it's surprising how hollow I felt without it. I have fixed the problem though after many hours spent on the phone. It was a simple login error, how can they not know this? However, I have been getting out and about a bit more from my lack of internet-ness.
I did some drawing in town today, and quite a few people get curious about what you're doing, as if it's the weirdest thing they've ever seen which is highly unlikely in the middle in Leicester.
I take it back about Braggy, this was the coldest day ever. But I got a few nice comments, and the music playing from BHS kept me going ^_^

Anyway, I did my 2-point perspective drawing which was kinda hard because of the detail in the buildings which I just scribbled in. I hope this drawing doesn't have to be completely technically accurate and incredibly detailed because I'm just not that capable yet and it would require many more hours and patience and frost-bite. Also, am really not adept at digital painting so don't think that's gonna go down too well.

I'm going to post my initial drawings on my other blog
and hopefully I can get some feed back. I've looked at no end of stuff for inspiration for my organic project but I'm still thinking. All I've come up with so far is an angry tree man, and some pokemon rejects.