Wednesday, 31 December 2008

It's all in my head

I hardly ever have a "normal" dream. It's always running away, hiding, falling or dying. Last nights was particularly vivid and disturbing and might have had something to do with watching 'The day after tomorrow'.

The sun exploded.
I watched from my bedroom window and waited, full of dread, knowing my imminent death, for the wave of destruction to hit.
That feeling was too real, it felt terrible.
I've also had a dream where I was washed off a cliff by a giant tidal wave and drowned, but it also felt completely real.

I think I need a psychiatrist.

Do dreams really mean anything? I don't actually want to die in a natural disaster, y'know. Maybe I'm trying to give myself a revelation so I finally get the motivation to make something of my life, because it can end in an instant.

I also watched 'The Happening' recently. Now that's disturbing. The plot sounds completely mental but somehow M. Night Shyamalan makes it a believable living nightmare. Even if you don't like the film, it's still an interesting "happening".