Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Diversity or distraction?

Gaming culture is a large part of modern society and can be overlooked by outsiders as a lazy, anti-social hobby. It is far from that. As technology and the internet is more available to us than ever before, we find ourselves plunged into a network of friends and gamers alike. Any other form of entertainment is saturated with media, and gaming is now, no exception.

Adverts, celebrities, bus banners; gaming is a significant part of pop culture today. It has more widespread appeal with innovations that allow you to attempt to get fit, have fun with your family or play handheld during your lunch break. You can also just talk to friends or make new ones.

Of course, the point of anti-social behaviour is one that does exist but I believe it not a responsibilty that gaming culture should carry, it is that of the individual or indeed, the parents.
Cultures have spawned new ways of interacting such as LAN events, machinima teams, clan competitions and so on. What other form of entertainment brings people together in so many ways?

I think gaming culture is like any other, with levels of submersion which range to the extreme. It doesn't occupy too much of my life but it is my main hobby. I watch machinima from time to time and read gaming based online comics. All in all, it's better than watching Eastenders, but then again, what isn't.