Wednesday, 25 February 2009

The future and such

What do I hope to get out of university?
It's wrong that I've never truly thought about this. Obviously my end goal is to get a job, any job at this rate but I havn't really considered anything on a more specific level.
The task mentioned education about being a two way process and I guess I havn't been doing my part, just kind of being a sponge and soaking up knowledge.

Am I supposed to be specific? I just want to have the ability to create what's in my head; it's so frustrating not being able to draw or paint exactly how I see it. That's why I like reading fiction, the words do all the work, I just have to imagine.

Aren't we all working towards the same thing? Trying to improve these new skills to the highest standard we can in every single aspect.
I also want to be able to appreciate art and art direction a lot more, so looking at films and going to art galleries is something I should consider as a frequent act, not just one-off.

Already, I feel like I've learnt so much about the process of producing a game that I never knew before. While playing, I can see textures that don't tile well, I understand how alphas work and notice where they're used. The more I learn 3d, the more I look at games and think, wow that's completey attainable. I could make that, eventually anyway. I look at concept art and go beyond the aesthetics, seeing the light sources, perspective, composition, colour, brush strokes etc. It gets me psyched.

I want to do that, I want my work to be used and appreciated. I need university to get me there.