Saturday, 14 March 2009

The C word

"Educated out of creativity"

This statement rings true to my ears. Everything was fine and dandy in primary school, I had plenty of opportunities to be creative and the teachers actually knew our names. Then I hit high school and it all went down the shi**er. I was just part of a pack and in the reknowned worst class to teach, stuck with all the attention stealing f**k-ups that turned every lesson into a mess and teachers into wrecks. It'll no doubt be worse today, discipline has all but disappeared.
I was only ever content in art class and enjoyed getting praise for good work yet I still had no idea what I wanted to do in life. Looking back, nobody ever told me I could be an artist. They teach it like a hobby, just something to do. Then it was all about the grades and filling up sketchbooks.....and drawing from photos.
I took fine art, film studies and graphics in a desperate bid to nurture my creative side but I still ended up with average grades and an indecisive future.
If I were to live my dream, I would be a musician; guitar, violin, cello, piano, any or all of them, and I'd travel if I had the money.

It's true about people being afraid to make mistakes now, I mean look at us lot on 3ds max... all we really need is perseverance...and some more ram, you can never have too much ram.

We've all had different experiences with education and I hope everyone writes about theirs as it's interesting to see how other people were encouraged or discouraged down the path they've chosen.