Monday, 16 March 2009

GDC - human play machine

I still keep remembering that lecture, when it was said that one thing that sets us apart as a species is the ability to run scenarios in our minds. It's a fascinating thing because I realise that we do it all the time. When we have a routine, it's just a scenario that we've learnt to trust because it works. let us play with what should be, but isn't. We play with the limitations of what has been created, the rules that have been made for this temporary world where we can do what we want to extents further than real life.
They have learning curves but that is just the time it takes to build scenarios. If I press this button at this time then that will happen etc. To keep our minds at play and interested, more scenarios need to be introduced along the game. Of course the other elements of design play their part and combine to make the experience fulfilling.

I found this article: Why the Probability that You Are Living in a Matrix is Quite High
Amusing title but the content is so plausible yet utterly unbeliveable. What if we are simulations..playing simulations. We may have the power to control sims but what if others are controlling us?
Heh, reminds me of the scenes at the end of the film Men In Black where our entire universe is just part of a game of marbles played by aliens.