Sunday, 5 April 2009

Course reflection

Well, to get it out of the way, I have to mention the biggest complaint of the year: no computers for 6 weeks or so; which I believe was a major setback to everyones 3d learning curve. I think that had quite a negative effect on the class because we were always being told how behind we were through no fault of our own. However, there were some people (including myself at the start) who just rejected and resisted using the program because of fear of failure but you just have to let that go and show determination rather that defeat.

Going back to basics with the 2d was definitely a good idea but leaves me wondering whether I progressed or have been started back at square one. I don't think we did that much on colour which leads to the suggestion of an art room or even just an ideas and inspiration room. Somewhere away from the suffocating office style computer lab, with posters, paint, art, words, collage, sculpts...job descriptions stuck on the walls, I don't know, just something exciting and motivating.

I know that traditional work needs to come first but a lot of people enjoy digital painting or trying at least, so maybe some more formal training or tutorials wouldn't go amiss, oh and the speed painting thing should be regular but I guess thats a personal aim.
Sometimes it's hard to do personal study because you just don't know where to start so some sort of structure might help, just for first years maybe, a specific topic to look into each optional R&D, if you don't do it, the only person that loses out is yourself.

I also think it would help if we looked at pieces of art and learnt to deconstruct them. I finally got off my ass and went down to see the London art galleries and it certainly helped seeing works in real life. When art masters are so glorified in the history books, you never think about how they existed in reality, that actually they were just painted by a mere human and maybe we'll never achieve that standard or status but we can learn from them as much as we damn well can.

Anyhoo I'm really looking forward to the summer projects and hopefully some bloody sunshine to go out in. Isn't it funny; I feel like doing more work now I have the stress of assessments out of the way. I just needed some guilt free downtime and I'm ready to go again.