Friday, 22 May 2009

Here's some more progress from the book. Most of these exercises we have been through with chris but it can't do any harm to reiterate these tried and tested lessons. I feel like I need constant instruction, which is good in a way but also voluntarily inhibiting and something I should learn not to rely on.

Anyway, first was the face/vase drawing which brings out the conflict of the two sides of the brain. Then I did a couple of upside down drawings which teaches you to focus only on line and space without thinking about what it is you are actually drawing, therefore allowing the shift into an alternate state of consciousness.

Pablo Picasso - Portrait of Igor Stravinsky

German horse & rider -unknown German artist

Although not perfectly accurate, it's obvious how drawing from a viewpoint which renders the image incomprehensible, lets drawing become free from trying to create what we think it's supposed to look like and just draw what you actually see without conflict in the mind.