Thursday, 21 May 2009

Learning to see

So I've read a lot about this book called 'Drawing on the right side of the brain' by Betty Edwards and thought I should give it a go in order to improve my drawing ability. I know I don't have a natural artistic eye but I'm hoping this book will teach me to feel comfortable and confident with my style so I have faith in it when I begin a drawing.

The first tasks were to draw a self-portrait using a mirror, then draw someone familiar from memory and finally draw your own hand. So here they are:

^meet joe* (bf) *note: may look slightly different in real life^

Not as bad as I thought they would be :) but as you can see, from just using my memory, the brain reverts back to the 'symbols' I've used since childhood and the shading is less subtle because of my uncertainty. Mostly I struggle with the nose and how to describe the volume and shape with shadow.

Thankfully I'm not totally hopeless and I will continue to post my progress. It's been a really informative book so far and goes into a lot of detail about the research into the two sides of our brain and how they work separately.