Tuesday, 8 December 2009

self analysis

I kept that diary for a week; I was probably too specific with my time-keeping but I believe this helps. There's no use being general about the changes you should make; it simply won't happen.
Being completely honest, there's many a time I have thought, 'I should do speedpaints more often', 'I should come back here to draw someday' etc. etc.
It's not very often that I do. I'm trying to find what drives me.

I got up at 7am one day last week, not by my own accord, but I got up nonetheless and walked home for 8. I had in my mind the lecture from thursday. " Get up really early, you can do a couple hours work and by the time its 10, it's still only mid-morning. I did, and it felt great. It was also nice to have a refreshing walk, and then some peace and quiet.
I feel like I've been taught to think that 7 is too early to get up in the morning...why? Whats wrong with that? I mean it's unrealistic to think that I can do it everyday but still... It's our concept of time that dictates when we do what we do; I should get rid of that.

Throw away my watch, go out and draw.