Friday, 29 January 2010

More reflection. I may yet turn into a mirror.

I suppose recently I feel like I've been running on the spot, so to speak. It's not like I don't do any work, It's just that I havn't got much to show in comparison to how much I've been learning.
I'm reading all these books and studying all these artists without paying attention to my own work. I'm still afraid to just open up photoshop and do something because I know it'll probably turn out crap. It's this stupid mental barrier. My head says I've been doing lots of work, but my heart knows I haven't really...
I need to set some targets. Something like a self-portrait in a different medium every day for a week and then something different for the next week. It has to be accessible and realistic in short stints otherwise, to be completely honest, I just won't do it.

Saying that; I havn't really even been playing games lately, which I suppose is a good thing. I was probably the only person who didn't care that much about CoDmw2. Never have, really; didn't care for the airport scene either. But it's kind of like, so, just because they're not in a soldiers uniform makes it worse? Soldiers are people too but you don't have a conscience whilst shooting them in the face? It's all just egos and "enemies".
Anyway, Mass Effect 2's where it's at! Even the beginning is awesome. I love getting attatched to characters aswell, it completely makes a game for me.
So, I'm off to save the galaxy. Again. I'll be back.

Sunday, 17 January 2010

Sight is extortionate for those less fortunate.
Hah, I did a rhyme; this warrants a smiley face :)

Thursday, 7 January 2010

Turner & the Masters

Now exhibiting on my wall
But seriously, how amazing are these paintings, and the scale aswell, its mindblowing. I wish I had been taught how to use oils in college but apparently it was too expensive. I'll give it a go when I'm proficient in other mediums first, otherwise it'd probably just be an expensive disaster.

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

colour theory: from the beginning

time spent: 1 hour
knowledge gained: priceless
not taking initiative sooner: ridiculous!

Sunday, 3 January 2010

Friday, 1 January 2010

More thoughts on how I work; not neccessarily for reading, but for me to sort out the jumble of certain personal observations I have had.

  • I now realise that to read for hours about artistic matter is a sidetrack to actual practise; however, I am gaining knowledge but I must put this to practise lest I forget!
  • I find my sketch book rather daunting to draw in. I should feel the opposite but I don't. I've started doing studies on canvas board and felt less confined physically, but more importantly in my mentality.
  • I still need to rid myself of hesitance and throw myself whole-heartedly into projects; more research, preparation, careful consideration and observation. Sometimes I zone out, which is fine when out life drawing but not when I'm trying to learn from any given subject.
I am sure there is more but for now I proclaim my newfound idol in Leonardo Da Vinci. It seems the game 'Assassins Creed' has sparked an interest for Italy, the Renaissance period and the Medici. It's slightly ironic how a game meant for indulgent entertainment has led me to the subject that I used to find so terribly boring; history. It's also quite sad that I shunned the eternally interesting and expansive subject while I had the chance to learn and embed the knowledge in my mind. Ah well, it is a regret I can amend gradually.

That just leaves my new personal mantra:
Everything now is not how it used to seem, but should be seen afresh.
Observe with the eyes of a curious child and study with the mind of a learned artist.

A visit to the Turner & The Masters exhibition is also in order!