Friday, 1 January 2010

More thoughts on how I work; not neccessarily for reading, but for me to sort out the jumble of certain personal observations I have had.

  • I now realise that to read for hours about artistic matter is a sidetrack to actual practise; however, I am gaining knowledge but I must put this to practise lest I forget!
  • I find my sketch book rather daunting to draw in. I should feel the opposite but I don't. I've started doing studies on canvas board and felt less confined physically, but more importantly in my mentality.
  • I still need to rid myself of hesitance and throw myself whole-heartedly into projects; more research, preparation, careful consideration and observation. Sometimes I zone out, which is fine when out life drawing but not when I'm trying to learn from any given subject.
I am sure there is more but for now I proclaim my newfound idol in Leonardo Da Vinci. It seems the game 'Assassins Creed' has sparked an interest for Italy, the Renaissance period and the Medici. It's slightly ironic how a game meant for indulgent entertainment has led me to the subject that I used to find so terribly boring; history. It's also quite sad that I shunned the eternally interesting and expansive subject while I had the chance to learn and embed the knowledge in my mind. Ah well, it is a regret I can amend gradually.

That just leaves my new personal mantra:
Everything now is not how it used to seem, but should be seen afresh.
Observe with the eyes of a curious child and study with the mind of a learned artist.

A visit to the Turner & The Masters exhibition is also in order!