Thursday, 15 April 2010

5 hour mornings are the best. I feel a bit zombified for a couple of hours though so I've been doing digital painting or sculpting in the morning and 3d when my brain starts to kick in. Unfortunately, in my brain dead state this morning I sculpted two right hands. He's nearly done though; but not that interesting for an interesting character; I'll have to work on that.

I borrowed these two books from the library recently:

I think we need more books like this, especially The Skillful Huntsman with it's visual development right from the inspiration and initial sketches all the way through the process.
It's virtually impossible to look at finished images and wonder how such a high standard was conceived; seeing the early stages is much more motivational and makes the whole thing seem more achievable, given that you invest enough time.
I also read that you should first sketch out all of the cliche and overdone concepts before you get to the original stuff in your head; makes sense.