Wednesday, 28 April 2010

group project

There were definately things that could have gone better, but I don't think anyone in the year could disagree with that statement; for us, specifically time management, folder structure and maybe communication/decision making. I think enthusiasm wore off as time passed; the assets weren't exactly thrilling and I never expected them to be; it just didn't feel like anything significant. I'm not saying our level was bad by any means; I think I just prefer more colourful, organic environments.
 Everything did look a lot better put into the map at the very end though and I really enjoyed working with my group; they're a great bunch even if there was plenty of amusing excessive swearing directed at certain pieces of software.
I think the only downside was the mandatory building and theme which might not have been everyones preference; as artists, of course we all want to go in our own direction but really it was for our own good and it kept our untrained imaginations grounded and differences at bay.

On the positive side personally; I did take the time to learn Unreal and I can't wait to make some small scenes over the summer or whatever projects that may be set for us. There's also some technical practices that I still need to learn like baking normal maps; I've been skirting around the more complicated stuff because it sounds so long-winded but now I need to get on with it in preparation for third year, if I make the cut. I also want to model at least one more character; I doubt I'll ever choose to specialise in character design but I still like trying and you can't ever be too weak in any given area in this profession.