Tuesday, 13 April 2010

I overheard a couple of the guys in the labs talking about being able to sleep for only two hours a day without going crazy. I was instantly intrigued. It turned out that it has a name - polyphasic sleep. I've never questioned sleep, let alone known there was different types, so I decided to investigate and stumbled upon a blog which documented an equally curious persons experience of this sleep pattern:


"It feels like playing a single-player role-playing game where your perpetually active character moves through a world of NPCs who follow predictable routines. I think if these zeitgebers were removed from my environment, I’d stop thinking about time in terms of days altogether"

I found it very interesting to read, so I hope it's genuine. I'd like to give it a go over the summer although this may just be some late night fixation which will dissipate in a short period of time.
I think a good hard look at self-discipline might be the second best thing at the moment:

I would normally take a quick glance at articles like this and disregard them completely but this writing seems more coherent; more applicable right here, right now.
Anyway; I think my self discipline could definately do with a step up in all areas; regular sleep patterns, less processed food, less caffeine, more exercise, less wasted time; all of which contribute to a better quality of life and higher productivity. Bad habits need breaking, and new ones need forging.
My first is to wake early, consistently; I'm going to go with 7am for now; If people can go polyphasic then I sure as hell can go early bird.