Thursday, 22 April 2010

I write this whilst listening to the Assassins Creed soundtrack. If it were disassociated with the game, I would still love it but probably wouldn't have ever chanced listening to it.

How is it that we can immediately label music as sounding epic?- in the real sense of the word; not the over-used game language sense. That word immediately brings Lord of The Rings to mind; and probably would to anyone else with no extensive knowledge of music. It was a dramatic and emotionally involving story but what I now appreciate is how music can evoke emotion on its own; I'm talking about orchestral here, not punk or pop or anything else.
This music speaks on a much higher level without the use of words.
Maybe I'm just biased; full of admiration for an art I won't achieve.

My point is that music for games can be an extremely powerful tool; only a few notes could bring back memories in a flash no matter how simple or epic, from the super mario theme tune to Halo's orchestral adventure. I hope that in my later years I'll be able to cherish the soundtracks of my favourite games with serene musical nostalgia.