Tuesday, 20 April 2010

"You're treating this work like A-levels." A typical Chris comment but true nevertheless. It's good to hear words that make you think about your work and how other people see it. However, It did make me ponder my education again; and really, how slack it was. I'm not entirely blameless but it was hard to be motivated when I had no idea what career I wanted at fifteen after spending three wretched years in high school drifting through the system in constant worry of my future. It's not much of a way to spend teenage years.

Art was a sort of solace for me; a quiet state of mind away from whatever troubles I had. I'm not purposefully anti-social if that's how it appears; I just enjoy solitude; quiet relief from the constant noise.
Game art was more of a lifeline; I knew I could never make a living from fine art, although modern art says otherwise. This involves a lot more thinking and design consideration; maybe that's what I'm forgetting.
This isn't meant to just be pretty; it has to function and be part of a world.

It was a beautiful evening the other day; the kind of one where you could walk in the sunset forever. The kind of one that makes you think lifes not so bad after all. Then you wake up the next day and remember that it's Britain. That perfect weather was never going to last and neither was that perfect feeling.