Sunday, 2 May 2010

Year 2

It really has just flown by at a ridiculously fast pace; and I'm not sure about the improvement of my work; it gets harder to judge the longer you spend on projects and keep going back to work on them. I feel like the course really should be four years, I think it's been mentioned recently and I have to agree.
If I pass, then being a third year is going to be weird; I like having other work to look up to and thinking I can achieve that standard but after this year all we'll have to look up to are the professionals - pretty intimidating.
I'll only be content with my work when I feel like I can show it without cringing; that's enough to keep me going; I hate that feeling.
I figured that I need to get really specific; I think I've said that before but I never followed up; because really, how am I supposed to speedpaint without knowing how to paint basic elements; weather, materials etc. it just doesn't make sense; like trying to run before you can walk; excuse the cliche idiom.

Year 3 = All work, No Play, Lots of tea.
Maybe a quarter life crisis thrown in for good measure.