Friday, 17 December 2010

Semester 1

Although I thought my time management was fairly good this semester; I find myself agreeing with the 'work faster' statement. Somehow I become complacent with a certain speed of work and then wonder where the time went even though I spend most of my day glued to the screen. It doesn't matter if you do a 9-5 day everyday if you don't have the appropriate amount of work to show for it.

To analyse my own work I would say that I didn't invest in enough research time for the rooftop project; I started with what I wanted it to look like without consideration for the 'real' rooftop elements e.g making the garden area then plonking a water tower and a couple of satellites on top and hoping it looks coherent.
Texture-wise I am still afraid to dirty up those textures! I think in the future I need to go and find whatever materials I need and take photos/samples; even if it's not the same object it will help to see the material used and decayed to whatever level it needs. My textures are far too simple.
I think the thing that may help me with my fmp project is that I plan to sculpt whatever I can which will give me a basis on which I can build my maps.

Falstaff was a fun sculpting project to do; although I won't be saying that when I attempt to rig him. I feel more confident with sculpting now and I'm glad of it as it is a very useful tool when combined with the fundamental skills of 3d. Building a good base mesh I would say is imperative; I cannot stress how much it helped to construct the face mesh before taking it into zbrush as it lessened the workload during and after the sculpting stage.
My feedback suggests it is unfinished so I think I need to work into the texture more as it would be exposed to the elements and also probably clean up the mesh - 'Look at your low mesh structure' didn't really give too much away.
As for the rooftop; I shall try to get the lights flickering in the storage room and add interaction with the meshes. Any other suggestions would be welcome.